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The main objective of FUDGE-5G is to devise, assess and demonstrate a conceptually novel and forward-looking cloud-native, unified and secured service-based 5G architecture, solutions and systems for private networks. FUDGE-5G will allow for extreme interoperability and customization for industry verticals among wired and wireless access infrastructure (“all-Ethernet” 5GLAN with 5G-Multicast and 5G-TSN support), eSBA platform, mobile 5GC, service orchestration and vertical applications.


To design a unified eSBA platform enabling extreme cloud-native deployment customization of private 5G networks, where components, both in control and user plane, can be deployed anywhere as micro-services (i.e., edge, on premises and cloud), being agnostic to the underlying infrastructure


To devise enabling 5G technology elements for innovative private networks: native 5GLAN support, 5G-Multicast and 5G-TSN


To build and integrate the developed FUDGE-5G technology components into a common platform


To perform field trials in order to validate the developed 5G technology elements, ensuring the technology readiness level

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