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Every year European technology enthusiasts gather to converse on the latest ICT achievements in the research community, both industry and academia. In June 2022 Grenoble hosted the EUCNC conference titled “6G Summit” which also featured an exhibition alongside all sessions where organisations and European Commission-funded projects present their developed technologies. As FUDGE-5G is in their last project year, it was the ideal event to demonstrate the Service-Based Architecture platform under trial this year across the vertical use cases in the 5G-PPP project.

To objective of the demonstration at EUCNC was to convey the advances a unified SBA platform offers to Enterprise Services, i.e. 5G Cores and Vertical Applications. Unified cloud-native orchestration, service routing and telemetry are at the heart of FUDGE-5G’s SBA platform proposition. While presenting the beyond Release 17 system architecture FUDGE-5G have developed as accompanying slideware (see Deliverable D1.3 for more details on that), a 5G Core was orchestrated live to any visitor of the booth. The provisioning of a full 5G Core was split into AMF, SMF, AUSF, UDM and NRF deployed in the data centre and the UPF along with the vertical application on premise, conveying the advances of SBA for Private Networks scenarios. Upon completion of the orchestration which took around 2min, the 5G UE – remotely controlled via AT commands – attached to the Core and received a PDU session instantly. Once the user plane was created, a health monitoring application was started on the UE sending synthetic health-related data to the vertical application, which was developed for the Hospital use case of FUDGE-5G.

The full demonstration of the SBA demo can be watched on FUDGE-5G’s YouTube channel through the following link


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