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On Dec. 14th, 2021, Athonet gave a presentation at the 2021 4th IEEE 5G
Workshop on First Responder and Tactical Networks [1], entitled
“Mobile Networks for PPDR/Tactical Use at Work: The Athonet PriMo

At this event, Athonet promoted PriMo, its compact, software-based
mobile core network that allows to quickly create a complete mobile
network available to customers at very low access fees, with superior
technical capabilities, very low operating expenses, and simple network
management, ideal for emergency situations. The PriMo concept can be
scaled down until it becomes an effective solution for PPDR and tactical
networks, and it is a key component of FUDGE-5G use case focused on
PPDR. PriMo is onboarded on FUDGE-5G’s Network-on-Wheel, conceived to
provide 5G connectivity and access to applications to first responders
and law enforcement teams in emergency or routine situations, even in
case of an absent or intermittent backhaul connection.


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