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It’s becoming a cliche to say that communications service providers have enormous business opportunities and technical challenges with building and delivering 5G service offerings with hyperscaler (i.e. public cloud service providers) infrastructures. Most of the major communication service providers have already announced or are work-in-progress to bring a 5G solution that combines their on-premise infrastructure with commoditized cloud computing. While there are common elements, by and large, each service provider is pursuing their own unique approach in creating the 5G solution with their choice of partner ecosystem including cloud infrastructure provider(s). There is a real world true need to build an open 5G solution blueprint, that leverages the common solution elements and open source technologies, and can work across any (+multi) hyperscaler infrastructure. The ultimate goal is to make 5G available, accessible and affordable for consumers with consistent best in class user experience.

This article is a first in the series about how to architect an open 5G solution built with open source technologies at core, that can work across any hyperscaler. We’ll delve into details of this solution through an architecture blueprint blog series.

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