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Several connectivity tests were performed by OneSource using two different 5G SA network lab deployments in Portugal: one provided by IT Aveiro, and another provided by Altice Labs. The first is an end-to-end solution from Huawei, while the second uses 5GNR from ASOCS, paired with the Open5GCore from Fraunhofer FOKUS.
The tests took place on April, 2021, and were part of the integration of OneSource’s Mobitrust Situational Awareness platform with 5G SA deployments, which will be the base for the FUDGE-5G use cases where OneSource plays the role of Vertical Application provider.
During the experiments, and after multiple software configurations, it was possible to verify that the Quectel RM500Q-GL 5G NR module was able to connect to both 5G networks and establish a reliable data connection with very low latency and high throughput. This module will be part of the Mobitrust wearable equipment for first responders, which includes support for real-time video, audio, environmental sensors and bio sensors. Mobitrust leverages the information received via 5G to deliver real-time enhanced situational awareness from public safety teams to Command and Control Centres, thus improving the efficiency and overall safety of field missions.


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