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one2many, an Everbridge company and Cumucore have integrated the one2many's Cell Broadcast Centre Function with the Access and Mobility Function of Cumucore's 5G core running on Supermicro E200-8D and performed a successful trial at Telenor in Norway using a Huawei gNodeB.

one2many develops the Cell Broadcast Centre Function (CBCF) as a cloud-native system under the FUDGE-5G project, while Cumucore has developed a fully cloud-native 5G core.

The CBCF was integrated with the AMF in the 5G core on Supermicro E200-8D and tested with a Nokia base station in Cumucore's lab in Espoo, Finland. The trial took place in February 2023 in the Telenor campus in Fornebu, Norway.

The key focus of the trial was to demonstrate the mass notification capability of a CBCF that uses an AMF to distribute text messages to cells in gNodeBs. In the trial a Huawei LampSite gNodeB was used. The system is shown in figure 2.

The system is sturdy and small and can be mounted in a vehicle to support mobile use cases and can be used in Stand-alone Non-Public Networks (SNPN).

The trial at the Telenor campus was attended by the Norwegian Defense and Materiel Agency (NDMA). Both NDMA and Telenor provided 5G mobile phones for the trial. The trial was successful; all phones presented the message concurrently as shown in figure 3.

A more elaborate explanation of the trial can be found in this video.


CBCF and AMF in deployments
The most common us of a mass notification system is public warning, where a text message can be broadcast to a large number of mobile devices in a matter of seconds. An SNPN accessed by mobile devices used by people should have a public warning capability, especially if nation-wide public warning in public networks exists already.


This work was supported in part by the European Commission under the 5G-PPP project FUDGE-5G (H2020-ICT-42-2020 call, grant number 957242). The views expressed in this contribution are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent the project.


Author: Peter Sanders – one2many (an Everbridge company)
Reviewer: Mika Skarp


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