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A demonstration of the Mobitrust platform was presented at Techdays Aveiro on Saturday, October 17th, 2020. This demonstration was performed in collaboration with Altice Labs and MEO, using one of the first large-scale 5G deployments in Portugal. This network, a Non-Standalone Access 5GNR, runs in band n78. OneSource leveraged its Mobitrust wearable equipment for first responders with 5G modems, real-time video, audio, environmental sensors and bio sensors, to deliver enhanced situational awareness from field teams to command and control centers. Network latency was very low, and the 5G network allowed much higher video quality from the field. This demonstration was attended by various stakeholders from the Public Safety field (e.g. civil protection, firefighters, police units and other first responders), that expressed a strong interest in the platform.


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