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UBITECH’s application orchestration solution, MAESTRO, expands its capabilities towards a service-based 5G architecture after the finalization of the design phase in FUDGE-5G project which positions orchestration, monitoring and routing at the heart of the FUDGE-5G platform, as illustrated in the figure. MAESTRO forms the Vertical Application Orchestrator in the figure and tightly integrates with InterDigital’s Service Function Virtualisation (SFV) Orchestrator – a location-aware cloud native orchestration prototype allowing the programmable provisioning of Cloud native Network Functions (CNFs) implementing 5G services (e.g., 5G Core or vertical applications). The implementation of the interfaces between both orchestrators are on-going targeting the demonstration of the integrated approach in a number of innovative 5G use cases towards the end of 2021.

Through the integration of both orchestrators, the diverse requirements coming from any vertical domain will smoothly and transparently materialized into a formation of  independently deploy- able software elements. As a result, industries and verticals will move one step closer towards leveraging the 5G capabilities according to their application needs with minimum effort and knowledge of the telco domain.

Based on the envisioned innovations in FUDGE-5G, UBITECH anticipates positioning its MAESTRO solution alongside the most innovative 5G orchestration approaches, while realizing its vision for application driven orchestration approaches towards the 6G era.


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