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For enterprises, powerful next-generation private networks can connect all sorts of underlying technologies from LTE to 5G to Wi-Fi 6 to edge solutions. There are endless opportunities to implement private networks in warehouses, factories, educational institutions, campuses, sports areas, retail locations, and more.

At Intel, we see these private networks playing a pivotal role in future enterprise success. With enhanced control and connectivity, enterprises can go to market faster with applications, provide real-time and custom services, deliver better user experiences, and act on insights from ever-growing amounts of data.

To unleash these benefits, Intel provides a tested, clear path to stand up private networks. Our portfolio of products and solutions is designed to meet today’s and tomorrow’s requirements. What’s more, innovations like Intel® Smart Edge, a single-box multi-access edge platform, speed up and simplify private LTE and 5G network deployments. And that’s just the beginning.


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