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OneSource, on behalf of FUDGE-5G is presenting the poster - Fully Disintegrated Private Networks for 5G Verticals – at EuCNC on Wednesday, June 9th, from 16h00 to 17h30 CEST. Join us on EuCNC Zoom Room 7 for the Poster A session, here!

The use of 5G for private networks has seen an increased interest in industry and standardisation alike with an expected increase of that market in the coming years. FUDGE- 5G is the first 5G-PPP project that focuses solely on Non-private Network with an innovation space in the core network domain. Beyond utilising the advancements brought by 5G and the true adoption of cloud native principles in the telco world, Non-private Networks will bring the additional potential of fine tuned, use case and Quality of Service centric 5G Core realisations fostering multi-vendor deployments due to the narrower scope in their applicability. Five use cases have been identified in FUDGE-5G focusing on the benefit of Non-private Networks underpinning the high innovation and business impact for the private 5G network market.


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