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The FUDGE-5G Network on Wheel (NOW) was recently used for Interference testing of 5G and Radar Altimeters. In this case the focus was to determine if the existence of 5G could affect the radar-based altimeters on helicopters.

These tests were performed by The Norwegian Communications Authority (Nkom) at Kjeller Airport, Norway in collaboration with FUDGE-5G partner Telenor Research and Advisory board member Norwegian Defense Materiel Agency (NDMA) along with others.

As per the article "Observations and analyzes so far show NO operational effects on the radar altimeters in the helicopters that participated in the tests." (Google Translated from Norwegian).

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About FUDGE-5G Network On Wheel (NOW)

The FUDGE-5G NOW is a fully autonomous mobile network based on 5G Standalone. It hosts the 5G Radio, 5G core and the vertical applications all in-one-box. The NOW is used for Public Protection and Disaster Relief (PPDR) use case of FUDGE-5G.

Stay tuned for exciting use cases of FUDGE-5G.


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